Schengrund Stables


Welcome to Schengrund Stables Online. SSLLC is a Morgan horse breeding facility located in the rolling hills of Campbelltown, just a few miles west of Hershey, Pennsylvania. Founded in 2003, SSLLC was the dream of Dr. Kevin Schengrund, who fell in love with the Morgan horse as a child.

This site showcases the exceptional prospects we have for sale. Included are pedigrees, current photos, and news. Find your next champion with just the click of a mouse! Please enjoy your visit and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.



Schengrund Stables, LLC is dedicated to breeding world-class Morgan horses. While striving to maintain characteristics unique to the Morgan horse, SSLLC is committed to producing well natured Morgans that will be outstanding equine athletes. Our lines bespeak quality, refinement, athleticism, and superb disposition.



Sales activity has been busy this second half of the year and for that we are thankful!

It is with great sadness that Schengrund Stables announces the passing of HVK Man About Town (Noble Flaire x HVK Radiant).