A Busy Weekend!

Posted: March 13th, 2007

This past weekend, Schengrund Stables welcomed the first three foals into the 2007 class. First to arrive on Friday evening at 8:51pm was an adorable filly named “Mya” (HVK Man About Town x Town Gossip). This was the first foal Town Gossip actually carried and the birth was by the book. Within the hour “Mya” was up on her own and readily nursing!

Around 4am Saturday morning the next foal arrived. This time it was a stellar colt “Toby” (HVK Man About Town x Kim’s Bellegante) who was so large, he almost didn’t come out! After the initial delivery this foal too was quickly up and nursing on his own.

The third arrival of the weekend came in the early morning hours on Monday the 12th. This long-legged, elegant filly “Eve” (HVK Man About Town x AFF Evening Episode) is absolutely stunning!

What a very exciting and promising beginning to this year’s foaling season. Three down, two to go!

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