NY Regional Was A Blast!

Posted: October 1st, 2011

Schengrund Stables had three entries in the NY Regional Stallion Service Auction Weanling Sweepstakes. Kevin chose to show the fabulous SSLLC A Royal Affair ‘Kate’ (HVK Man About Town x Futurity’s Touch Of Harley). Amanda and Nikki chose SSLLC Addiction ‘Tess’ (Roberto Cavalli x Futurity’s Touch Of Harley) and SSLLC Ready To Wear ‘Alexa’ (Roberto Cavalli x Stonecroft Couture).

Regional1With many hours of practice under our belts and the bathing, clipping, primping, and packing complete, our team left for the trek to Syracuse, anxious to set up our new display. Kevin and Bryan had spent the last few weeks constructing a setup that would be easy to assemble and stand apart from the rest. The set up also allowed Amanda to showcase some of her photography work she does for the farm. Their design worked well and we received lots of complements on our display. As seen hanging out here, ‘Titan’ DuPont especially enjoyed the display!

Regional1On Friday night, there were 23 weanlings prepped and ready to show. First to hit the ring was SSLLC Ready To Wear (Roberto Cavalli x Stonecroft Couture) with Amanda leading and Nikki bringing up the tail. ‘Alexa’ has a very feminine look with a beautiful face and an incredibly laid back shoulder allowing her to move very freely. She performed well and looked beautiful receiving a 10th and 11th place vote on two cards which would have placed her 11th overall (they only pinned to 10th place).

Regional1Next up for the SSLLC team was Kevin and Bryan showing SSLLC A Royal Affair (HVK Man About Town x Futurity’s Touch Of Harley). ‘Kate’ entered the ring with her tail spiked over her back ready to show the world she was bringing her ‘A’ game to whatever it had to offer. She showed brilliantly and the crowd went wild with appreciation. This filly has that ‘Look at me’ attitude that demands your attention. With a great hitch to her neck and her bold looks she pinned 5th out of 23 on the judge’s cards. Keep your eyes out for this one in a few years because she is certainly something special!

Regional1Our final entry of the night was SSLLC Addiction (Roberto Cavalli x Futurity’s Touch Of Harley). ‘Tess’ was ready to go as Amanda led her into the ring for the crowd. This filly has her sire’s prettiness and thinks quite highly of herself. She showed very well, not moving a muscle once she was set up and drank in what the crowd had to offer. ‘Tess’ ended up pinning in 10th place overall receiving an 8th, 12th, and 9th place vote.

Overall we were thrilled with how our foals performed. We owe a special thank-you to Luman Wadhams and Beth Pollock for their assistance in showing our entries back. Beth, we couldn’t have gotten into the ring without all of your help prepping our entries. And to the team at Windward Farm, thanks for letting us borrow all the little things- we owe you! The team here at Schengrund Stables had a great time and are already looking forward to next year’s show!