Our Very First Bell Flaire Baby is Here!

Posted: February 14th, 2008

At 12:33am on February 13th, in the middle of the worst ice storm of the year, SSLLC welcomed our very first “HVK Bell Flaire” foal into the world! The striking jet-black filly with a small white star is out of Schengrund Stable’s own “SSLLC Colour My World” and we are thrilled with the results.

Shortly after delivery of this filly, a police officer arrived at the barn asking if there was an emergency – he said that we had called 911. Two weeks prior to this we had purchased a new paging system. The key code when a mare foals is 911 (we use the Foal Alert Monitoring System). It seems that there was a programming error with the pagers and when the mare foaled the system actually dialed 911 and they sent an officer to the farm! We felt terrible considering the weather conditions but once he saw the baby the officer had to laugh (thankfully!). Needless to say the problem was corrected immediately.

We are so excited about the potential of this year’s foals, we can’t wait to meet the rest of the group! Check the website this week for pictures of our new foals!