Receiving Happy Letters!

Posted: March 20th, 2013

We love to hear how all of our SSLLC horses are doing for their new owners and we love getting pictures. We just received this email from Kathy Kyler, a client at Cottonwood Creek Ranch and I thought I would share:

Hi Amanda,

I thought you might enjoy seeing the size of our group on Saturday! You can see Miss Farrah’s (SSLLC Set Me In Motion) little white nose 6th from the end. We have joined the grown ups in big Saturday groups!

She is doing really great, and we’re doing some fun leg yields and lead changes in private lessons, and started doing equitation patterns in group. She thinks I have lost my mind when I tell her to leave the line up, but she has been super good about doing everything, her ears just go nonstop! She has also somehow trained some of the other adult amateurs to bring extra treats for Farrah when they bring them for their own horses – pretty funny for the baby who did not like treats!

Also wanted to let you know the Sooner State Morgan Horse Association (SSMHA), our state Morgan club, had their banquet this weekend and Miss Farrah & I were the amateur adult high point champions. We are thrilled – pretty good for our first year out together! 🙂 She will get some extra peppermints this week for sure!

We love Farrah, and are happy she found her way to us, she has such a loving personality (and a motor!) The grooms like to give her new nicknames, this month it is “little red ferrari”. 🙂

Hope you guys are well and doing ok with all this crazy winter weather.
Take care,