The Masquerade Twins Have Arrived!

Posted: March 8th, 2010

Our very first Stonecroft Masquerade foals have hit the ground and have taken over our hearts! The two fillies, both out of our mare Futurity’s Touch Of Harley, are actually twins that were carried by two different mares via embryo transfer.

The first filly, SSLLC Absolute, arrived February 23rd in the early morning hours. Abby has a bold white face, a beautiful femininity about her, and loads of attitude! She likes to show off and will be lots of fun to snap photos of this summer.

The second filly, SSLLC Top Shelf, arrived one week later on March 2nd at 6:45am. I guess mama wanted to make sure we were around in case she needed us! This filly, Annie, has very similar markings to her twin, with a beautiful dish to her face as well as a great shape to her neck. Annie is a bit more independent than her sister, already feeling as though she doesn’t need to be with mom as she explores the world!

We are very pleased with the results of this cross and will be repeating it again for a 2011 foal. Stay tuned to the website for pictures of these lovely fillies coming soon!