Yo Adrianne!

Posted: May 6th, 2006

Schengrund Stables welcomed our second arrival of the 2006 foaling season on May 2nd. At 6:45 pm, Amanda was working on the SSLLC website when the Foal Alert system was triggered. “Martell” (HVK Bell Flaire X Brio Classic Kenzie) was delivering her first foal (she has others on the ground through embryo transfer). Amanda assisted Martell, who did wonderfully. The rest of the SSLLC gang even arrived before the hind legs were completely delivered!

Since our newborn was indeed a filly, we decided to name her “Adrianne”, since for the second time this year, foaling had interrupted Kevin’s beloved boxing. We already had a “Rocky” — what could be more appropriate than an “Adrianne” to go with him?

“Adrianne” (HVK Man About Town X Brio Bell Martell), has a beautiful dished head and long, strong legs. As of now she is a silver color with grey eyes. With her fiery attitude and bold looks, “Adrianne” is going to be untouchable to her competition!